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  • Michael Brooke

The Day Out Of Time

My wife always tells me not to count the days but to make every day count.

For those of you keeping count, today is July 25th, and you might wonder what is so special about this particular day.

The Mayan calendar divided a year into 13 months, each with 28 days. So if you do the math, 13 months multiplied by 28 gives you 364 days. That means their calendar was a little shorter than the calendar we use.

But here's where it gets interesting. Since their calendar was shorter, the Mayans had an extra day to make up for it. And that extra day was July 25th, which they called the "Day Out Of Time". It's like a bonus day that doesn't belong to any specific month. On this day, the Mayans believed that time stood still and everything was free from the usual flow of time.

The Day Out Of Time is a day to celebrate and honour all life, reflect on what has been achieved, and give thanks for the past year. It's like taking a break from the regular days.

This particular day acts as a bridge, connecting the past with the potential future, all within the present moment.

So, just like the Mayans, we can use the Day Out Of Time to pause, step out of our busy routines, and take a moment to imagine all the fantastic things we can do. It's a day to remember that time is not always ticking away but can also be a space for us to dream, create, and grow.

Today, we are reminded of the importance of honouring time as art. It's a day to indulge in activities that bring joy and nourish our souls.

July 25th, the Day Out Of Time, is a powerful reminder to embrace the present moment, let go of the limitations of linear time, and connect with the eternal essence within ourselves. It is a day to celebrate, reflect, and shift our lives.

Also, I am proud to tell you my daughter Maya is 29 years old today.

Guest Writer: Michael Brooke Time For My Story

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