We at Koyoti, always endeavour to integrate our passion for brand strategy into all our clients' projects. It is this passion that pushes us explore to better ways in serving our clients. Like the Coyote, we aspire to be curious, courageous, open, collaborative, and tenacious.

It’s no accident that coyotes are the most successful wild animal in North America. The attributes that make the coyote so successful, have also led to many stories in Native American folklore.


Persistence - Coyotes are known to hunt prey upwards of 20 hours.

Collaboration - Although generally hunting independently, they also hunt in packs for larger prey.

Courage - Coyotes are known to venture into areas where even larger animals will not (areas populated by people come to mind).

Adaptable - Although usually carnivorous, Coyotes will also eat carrion, fruits, and berries.

Protective - Hugely protective of their den and their cubs.

Creativity - Known as a trickster in many Native American stories, Coyote’s ingenuity shines (often however, involving poop)



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