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Baskets of Cambodia

Baskets of Cambodia started in 1996 and quickly became the first major overseas exporter of baskets in Cambodia.

Currently, Baskets of Cambodia supplies some of the world’s finest baskets and purses in any price range. They design, manufacture, and distribute to North America and Europe. Baskets of Cambodia pride themselves in their workers located in Cambodia, which play a big roll in the quality of their baskets. When creating their website, Koyoti had to keep all their business tactics and project them onto the BOC new website. We added an events page to promote trade show events and pop up shops, a “Makers Bio” section to spotlight the Cambodian workers who make the baskets. BOC needed to make their wholesale transactions on their website secure, so we protected the price with exclusive customer orders.

Fruit Pie

BOC offers a wide variety of colours for their purses, we added custom colour swatches to help shoppers buying in wholesale. WIth the help of shopify we made everything accessible for easy editing for the BOC team.

Fruit Pie
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