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Mon Ami

Helping a small business grow global.

After growing popularity in local trade shows, Mon Ami decided to grow their audience online. Their product design hones in on popular to European trends and translates them into the American market. After growing popularity online they confided in Koyoti to create an online store reflecting the European design of their products. Putting Mon Ami Online – The challenge was to create a store the staff could easily manage and work within months. Given our expertise with shopify, we explored our options to create a store designed with the clean and sleek European look. We took the line elements from the Mon Ami branding and incorporated them into banners, tiles and pop up banners. We also chose a non serif font that would compliment the look and font of the Mon Ami logo.

Fruit Pie

When setting up an online store inventory redirect can often be time consuming. For this we use simplified excel sheets that the Mon Ami staff can update and we can import into their site. This is how we were able to push the website live efficiently and successfully.

Small details that help push sales – To elevate sale we added a pop up email subscription, a discount code top banner and pushed the sales channels across all their social media platforms.

Fruit Pie
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