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Canada Audio Visual

CAV is a Canadian Audio Visual company made up of rental products and tech help for all audio visual needs.

We were trusted to create a logo that would represent the tech, visual and audio aspects that make CAV. We started by breaking down the abbreviation and playing with the the letter by letter placement. We also took inspiration from the equipment like sound mixers, auxiliary cords and sound waves.

Fruit Pie

After exploring the ways we could represent sound waves on the logo we looked how it would work in different mediums, such as clothing, screen and paper. The gradient version was one that appealed to the visual side on the company, going from 100% opacity represented the absence of light and going to the full cyan colour represents full bright lights.

Instead of abbreviating CAV we decided to go for the full name as CAV is a new company and client wanted they unique full name to be known.

Fruit Pie
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