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Baby Nimbus (Web & Social) is a platform that promotes and supports doodlers; selling baby products that act as a canvas to showcase their work.

Koyoti was tasked to bring to life a website and social media strategy that would showcase the virtues of the platform and embracing the brand guidelines.

With the website, we started with maintaining the spirit of the company: warmth, hope, whimsy. We then extended the colour palette that was inspired by blue skies, white clouds, and the warmth of the summer sun to include green grass. Blue skies with white fluffy clouds up top as the header, and lush green grass as the footer.

We decided on a clean theme with a carousel slideshow at the top for any sections or campaigns that wanted to highlight. At first glance, the graphics also give the viewer an idea of who is, what the platform represents, and its offerings. Each slide uses fun, eye-catching graphics to support the spirit of the company. This section is followed by some quick category buckets; making it more user friendly and easier to navigate.

There are a lot of moving parts with, so organisation was extremely important. We worked closely with to get it right. Part of the mandate with is to be a platform to promote and support local doodlers. It was therefore, paramount that the organization of the product, to not only be searchable by product category, but also by doodler.

Fruit Pie

We are also tasked with managing @babynimbus on their Social Media channels. It was decided that the best platforms for them were Facebook and Instagram as these are the platforms that parents seem to frequent. Facebook for community, and Instagram to share photos with family and friends.

With these two platforms, we helped to not only use Social Media as a place for marketing campaigns, also to promote the Doodlesquad, as well as some information and fun as well. Posts include images from the Doodlesquad as much as possible; we also include some trivia about babies and some fun puns as well.

Between the website and social media posts, is able to provide a singular message throughout its channels while maintaining the heart and soul of what makes special.

Fruit Pie
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