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Koyoti Small Business Podcast is Live!

Well, it’s finally here. After months of planning, learning about audio recording, editing, researching hosting sites, the Koyoti Small Business Podcast is now live. It’s been a real stimulating and educational ride. I suppose I could have done it the easy way and found myself a podcast producer to put the podcast together, but when have I ever done things the easy way?

While the primary focus of the podcast is to build a small business community by providing some information and shining a spotlight on small businesses, a lot of this endeavour is fueled by my own desire to learn about the process. I am a complete neophyte in this arena. I had zero knowledge in audio recording and editing and only a very pedestrian understanding of podcasting; but I was reminded of “The Super Mario Effect” Tedx presentation by Mark Rober. My takeaway from the talk was that, if we took away the shame, humiliation, and embarrassment of failure, and looked at it more like a learning process of advancing to the next level, that we’d be more inclined to learn new things and grow.

Despite the fact that I’m still very much in that newbie level of podcasting, I’m finding that I’m very much enjoying the process of putting episodes together. Being able to talk to experts in their respective fields, I’m learning something every single time I’m speaking with the guests that I’m bringing in. I’m finding a profound sense of quiet concentration during the editing phase, and a small sense of accomplishment when the episode gets uploaded into the clouds. That this endeavour might hopefully be able to help someone out? That’s just the cherry on top of the whipped cream topped sundae.

Although I’m only a few episodes in, I am grateful and humbled at the number of people who have volunteered to be a guest on the podcast so far. They have been super generous with their time, their patience (with my utter incompetence in this artform), and their knowledge. In particular, I want to give a huge shout-out to Jonathan Chan-Choong who was not only kind enough to be my first guest, brave enough to be my guinea pig, but also provide me the final piece of the recording puzzle to get this put together.

Like I said, the shoot for the moon aspirations of this podcast is to build a community for small business, by small business. In the process, I have also found that this podcast would not, and could not exist if not for the generosity of the community of guests; so the process has already begun! Hopefully, you’ll find some tidbit of information in this series that might help your small business. And please reach out to let me know your feedback; if you have any tips, tricks, or suggestions that might help improve the podcast.


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