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A Mea Culpa: A Pledge To Connect More Genuinely

I have to apologise to you. I’ve been wrong. Certainly not for the first time, and definitely not the last. But in my over-ambitious attempt to share the little knowledge that I have gleaned over the years with you, I’ve been making a mistake that I’ve encouraged you not to make. Looking back at many of the articles that I’ve written over the years, it’s apparent that it’s a pattern; one that I really ought to break since I’m asking you to do the same.

As technology further develops and draws us in to the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence), especially with LLMs (Large Language Models) like Chat-GPT, there is increased need for us to share more of ourselves with our audience; our experiences, our opinions, and the wisdom that we’ve accumulated over the years. It is by sharing more of ourselves, even our vulnerabilities, that will help to set us apart from AI generated content.

Unfortunately, there’s no matriculation process. There’s no degree or certification for authenticity. And there certainly isn’t a special button that can be pressed that will magically separate us from our future digital overlords. All we can do is learn from our mistakes, be open to criticism (to which I’m horrible at), and make improvements along the journey.

While my writing is in no way any higher-level academia, too much of what I write is academic; writing as though pontificating from a podium, preaching the profundities of marketing, preening with pride as if my pedestrian proclamations on the subject wasn’t pinheaded at worst, and pedantic at best. So in an effort to sound less like a pompous pretender, prattling on-and-on purposelessly in a pyrrhic pursuit of pretentious professionalism (anyone pissed off at my persistent use of Ps yet? Lol), I should stop writing in the theoretical.

Now that I’ve got the self-flagellation out of the way, here’s what I’m going to endeavour to do, and my promise to you. I’m going to try to write in a way that will be more relatable and speak to you directly. I’m going to share with you lessons I’ve learned from my own continuing research, and share opinions based on personal observations and experiences with what little wisdom these lessons and observations have afforded me.

There are other benefits from writing in this manner as well. Not only should future articles from me be more easily digestible, but it should be shorter as well, thereby hopefully mitigating the TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) factor.

This is a journey for me as well, and I’m certainly still learning. I thank you for coming along on this ride with me thus far; I invite you to join me as we continue to discover and learn.


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